Your challenges - our expertise.

fimPlatform monitors the regulatory context in Switzerland, in Europe and in the U.S., informs the  financial intermediary about new provisions and supports it on complying  with them.

fimPlatform identifies risks at an early stage and protects the financial intermediary by the implementation of an effective compliance and a risk management policy against both legal and reputational risks as well as criminal procedures and damage claims.

fimPlatform supports the financial intermediary to bridge staff shortages and acts as an independent compliance-, risk- or money laundering prevention-officer within the organization of the financial intermediary, if necessary.

fimPlatform provides the necessary professional and advanced trainings in the fields of money laundering and market behavior.

fimPlatform supports the financial intermediary to select its software and IT partners and to implement an IT data security and data quality management as well as an IT risk monitoring and reporting system.

fimPlatform represents financial intermediaries before supervisory authorities and self-regulatory organizations in the process of the regular mandatory reporting and of obtaining licenses and approvals from the relevant supervisory authorities.

fimPlatform has an extensive network of experienced compliance, risk management and IT professionals as its disposal.

fimPlatform advises financial intermediaries,  small banks, foundations, family offices, funds, pension funds.